Assessing Blockchain Potential in Clinical Research Project Management through the Colony dApp



Figure 1. The Colony Network structure.
Figure 2. Parts of a domain hierarchy for a colony developing a web service.⁴
Figure 3. Reputation flowing up a domain hierarchy.⁵

Use Case Exploration: Clinical Lab Management on Colony

Figure 4. Interface of Colony Management: Root and Lab Domains as well as Task Overview.
Figure 5. Sample Task with relevant skills, domain, due date, etc.
Figure 6. Summary of Colony’s value-adds.
Figure 7. User case scenario of Colony.
Figure 8. Colony’s weaknesses compared with the tools currently adopted in the industry.


Figure 9. Blog posts about colony updates and improvements.¹²
Figure 10. Commit history of Colony network on Github.¹⁵

Appendix A: Cost Case Calculations

Appendix B: Terms Sheet

Appendix C: About Us



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